Essay On Proverb Charity Begins At Home

His focus is on practical implications and results, not the theoretical.

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Or have we abdicated this responsibility to others – even if it is through a personal donation or contribution of our own – to organizations? According to the Congressional Budget Office, federal spending on means-tested programs and tax credits totaled $588 billion in 2012.

In past decades, the poor, downtrodden, and many individuals that sought help of all types, turned to faith communities. This was also, in essence, an evangelical outreach. And, according to NETWORK, a Catholic social-justice lobbying group, the federal government sent more than $1.5 billion to Catholic organizations over a recent two-year period.

A native of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, Greg currently lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife of 26 years, Kim, and two college-age sons.

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If you put off things for tomorrow, you will never get them done.

One should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area.

According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy – which publishes an annual list of the largest charities in the U. – in 2010, Catholic Charities, Father Flanagan Boys Home and Covenant House each appeared in the top 400 charities., they calculated that if educational funding (from elementary schools to universities), hospitals, Knights of Columbus, St.

Vincent de Paul, and others smaller groups were included, a solid estimate would be billion worth or charitable spending by Catholic organizations exists in the United States alone.

So, from one aspect, Catholics and perhaps even the U. population in general (assuming that some of these donations are provided by non-Catholics) are exhibiting true charity through their financial donations to Catholic Charities.

I am seeing a similarity in the manner that our society has turned the phrase “charity begins at home” into an excuse not to provide charitable assistance to others.


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