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A recent example of this negative notoriety is of the renowned cyclist and an Olympic champion; Lance Armstrong.

Lance Armstrong has recently been accused of doping.

Psychologists have associated lack of self awareness to quest or overindulgence in fame.

Many individuals who are obsessed with fame lack self-awareness.

Such individuals are obsessed with insecurity, wondering what others think of them.

The moment this fame fades away, such people are known to indulge in irresponsible behaviors (Holmes 66).Famous people have limits on how they think, act and behave publicly.It is easier to notice that famous people always tend to focus on satisfying their audience and fans.An example of such influence is common in young people, who seem to believe and follow the culture of the famous people.For example, young girls are commonly known to imitate the dressing styles of famous women like Rihanna and Beyonce.The famous want to keep their followers entertained, thus forgetting their own personal development.Another reason as to why the public should be wary of fame is that one is always vulnerable to losing their intellectual discipline.There is always a negative aspect that is always associated with their success.A critical analysis on many famous people reveals that there is always a tendency by the famous people to gain their fame in dubious means.Some American rappers are known of committing crime as a means of ensuring that they get attention and remain relevant in the music industry (Holmes 66).The media is known of mitigating such dubious means of accumulated fame.


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