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Developing Achievement Motivation among Entrepreneurs! Behavioural experiments like “Kakinada Experiment” of David C.Mc Clelland has proved beyond doubt that achievement motivation can be developed.It is with this realization; Assam started the noble experiment named “Entrepreneurial Motivation Training Centers (EMTCs)” way back in 1973 to develop achievement motivation among the prospective entrepreneurs.

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Of the 17 trainees (16 who were assessed to be high on achievement motivation and one who was low), only three have started their own ventures in later years, and only one survived and that was the man who was judged to have been low on achievement motivation!

As in the training session, so in life too, he chose to be an odd man out!

If the objective was to maximize the number of rings around the pole, and there was no external constraint on the choice of the distance, why should he take unnecessary risk by moving away from the pole?

The subsequent activities and achievements of the trainees confirmed that this person was probably more entrepreneurial than the rest.

All the trainees, except one, threw the rings from ‘appropriate’ distances, and collected their scores, some high and some low.

The one exception was a person who went near the pole, and placed all the 10 rings around the pole.In this entry, we will take a close look at what the motivation essays of the INSEAD application are asking.This analysis will hopefully provide you with a basis for understanding how to begin answering your essays strategically.In this stage, the trainer presents and describes the ideal attributes or qualities of a person with achievement motivation. Then, trainees are asked to probe into their personality to identify the attributes they possess.Self-assessment in supplemented by comments and observation by other trainees. A comparison of ideal with real self creates discrepancy or disequilibrium.To help them internalize the associate network of achievement motivation.To emphasize the formation and use of achievement language in day-to-day thinking and action.You should be able to draw about two key characteristics from the story you chose.If you can’t find two key characteristics, your story is probably not a strong enough portrayal of your vibrant personality.Let us illustrate achievement motivation with an anecdote.This anecdote is about an entrepreneurship development programme especially on ‘achievement motivation.’ The trainer started his session with an exercise, wherein each participant was given a set of 10 plastic rings, which he was asked to throw around a stationary pole placed at one end of the hall.


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