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In my opinion I think EHR might improve the client’s quality of care because it will take less time in documentation, it is available at any time, and there will be less chances to lose any patient information.

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• Conclusion • References • Topic articles Introduction This is a topic essay paper for research practicum course which discuss about documentation.

• Any management that you provided to the client for the continuity of care. The definition of computerized documentation or electronic health records is “is longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounters in any care delivery setting.

The first stage of the APIE is ‘assessing’, which entails a thorough analysis of the presenting complaint and the overall account of the individual patient (Hill, 2015).

The assessing process is not a list of presenting problems, but a more systematic integration of quantitative and qualitative data.

This approach encourages a systematic and rigorous approach to patient care, incorporating a holistic perspective of the care process.

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the individual components of the APIE and the approach in its entirety with respect to nursing practice.

Research Question To study if the electronic documentation provide enhanced quality of care more than the written nursing documentation.

• Does the electronic nursing documentation provide enhanced quality of patient care more than the written nursing documentation?

Conclusion Documentation is an important process in nursing that should be taken in consideration. Moody, Ph D, MPH, FAAN, Elaine Slocumb, Ph D, RN, Bruce Berg, MD, Donna Jackson, MSN, RN, BC. Electronic Health Records Documentation in Nursing: Nurse’s Perception, Attitudes, and Preferences.

It is important to study any implementation in nursing documentation and the effect of this implementation on the nursing documentation process which is used for patient’s safety.


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