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Nomadic people don't have a permanent home, so farming forced people to settle down and live in one place.These new farmers usually settled along a river for the fresh water and fertile soil, in this case the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

In the tablet-house, the monitor said to me: "Why are you late?

What was in charge of the courtyard said "Write," .

(said) "Why when I was not here did you not keep your head high? Who was in charge of drawing (said) "Why when I was not here did you stand up? Who was in charge of the gate (said) "Why when I was not here did you go out?

Who was in charge of the Sumerian (said) "You spoke. I neglected the scribal art, [I forsook] the scribal art, My teacher did not.

This tablet, from ancient Sumeria (as early as 2000 B. The composition translated here, about a day in the life of a budding scribe, was evidently widely known, because scholars pieced together its full text over a period of 40 years (from 1909 to 1949) using 21 tablets and fragments excavated at various places from ancient Mesopotamian sites.

Students learned by copying lessons on clay tablets, memorizing the lessons, and then reciting them for the school's headmaster (the "school father") or other teachers, monitors, and proctors of the school. The teacher in supervising the school duties, Looked into house and street in order to pounce upon some one, (said) "Your. It is believed that people first began farming around 8000 BCE.Southwest Asia was the first place farming developed.The largest fragment (shown here) came from the Sumerian sacred city of Nippur, in present-day Iraq. The young scribe-in-training described here is repeatedly caned by his teachers for failing to memorize his lessons and for disciplinary problems. An Arid climate receives less than 10 inches of precipitation (rain, sleet, or snow).Arid areas are usually covered in desert and often experience very high temperatures. Ancient Mesopotamia was a green land where many plants grew due to the rich soil and occasional rain.Farming produces much more food than hunting and gathering because a few farmers can grow enough food for an entire village.Since farming requires constant attention, farming people couldn’t be nomadic.The slow process of taking a plant from the wild and turning it into a farm crop is called domestication.For example, corn was domesticated in Mexico around 7000 BCE (BC).


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