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They are indispensable to any student of present American life.

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Note: The chapters of Book Six are listed to give a flavor of Sinclair's writing style.

Reviewing several of the Dead Hand series, a contemporary critic wrote, "These great pamphlets…are storehouses of laborious research.

Like other men, they are victimized by “the competitive wage-system, which presents them with the alternative to swindle or to starve.” Sinclair savages the Episcopal establishment for transforming the proletarian Jesus into a defender of wealth and privilege, and for a long history of alliance with political power in England and the United States.

Turning to the “nonconforming” Protestant sects, adherents of "The Church of the Merchants" are focused on achieving prosperity within the existing economic system.

Contact with Roman imperialism and its heroic ideology of death, however, prodded Jews like Josephus to develop a Jewish ideal of martyrdom that persisted into the talmudic period.

Gail Streete reviews strategies by which early Christians such as Justin Martyr and Augustine distinguished martyrdom from suicide, even while a Christian like Tertullian praised the suicide of the pagan noblewoman Lucretia.

The next three essays examine Islamic history and theology.

Asma Afsaruddin and Mohammed Hafez’s essays are high points in the book as both historicize Muslim ideologies of suicide too often reified both by Islamists and their Western opponents without an acknowledgement of social contexts.

…His explanation is oversimplified; he tends to see his facts in the light of a single motive." In The Brass Check (1919), Sinclair wrote, "The Profits of Religion was practically boycotted by the capitalist press of America.

Just one newspaper, the Chicago Daily News, reviewed it—or rather allowed me space in which to review it myself.


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