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Shelley repeats this theme where weather conditions are similar to Victor’s feelings and thoughts.

These descriptions of nature, parallel to a number of emotions that are expressed by the characters, help solidify Frankenstein as one of the greatest Romantic novel of its time.

Another example is the scene where Victor wakes up with regret after creating his monster.

He reflects that the morning is “dismal and wet” (Shelley) and he begins to fear his own creation.

Through technology, analyzing novels becomes easier and more efficient.

It is a new method to studying novels in literature courses, whereas the “old” method requires intense, close readings to find key words and themes in the text.Instead, I will be reading digital texts and novels and analyzing them through a program called Voyant Tools.Voyant Tools is a web-based text reading and analysis program.It is a program that is designed to make reading and interpretive practices easier for humanities students and the general public.The program allows me to find key terms and themes simply by typing what I want to find in the search bar.The Byronic hero is not as virtuous as conventional heroes but, instead, has many dark qualities.He is an extremist considering his pride, intellectual ability, passions, hypersensitivity, and self-destructiveness.Throughout the novel, Shelley describes the awesomeness of nature.The feelings of Shelley’s characters often copy the state of nature around them.This is a quick and efficient way to closely read texts.This method of close reading for digital texts through Voyant Tools allows me to study the Romantic ideas in


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