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One example of this would be the parent/educator teaching a child how to write their names.Start with the first letter once they have learned the first letter start working on adding the second letter.

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More broadly, the analysis performed in the essay investigates how the novel’s themes of conflict and reconciliation along the US-Mexico borderlands perpetuate the erasure of indigenous presence.

Indeed, this rereading of a landmark Mexican American novel demonstrates potential intersections between settler colonial theory and Chicana/o literary studies.

In the nativist lens the child leads their own way while the adult oversees…

’s characterization of Santiago, the essay demonstrates how settler nativist belonging is characterized by an anxiety over being dispossessed, both from within and without.

Some may think that learning does not start until the child starts school, however the truth is children start learning from the time of conception.

As the child is growing in the mother they are able to react to all the major senses, such as smell, taste, touch, sound, and vision.

In the empiricists lens the child is seem to be empty and as needing to be filled or molded into the shape that is desired.

The child inside the nativist lens is pre-programmed to unfold in a specific direction.

Behaviorism Vs Nativism Due to the complexity of language acquisition study, different points of view about this issue have been discussed to create several approaches. UG is the grammar of the human language, that is, the universal principles of organizing all languages.

Many theories have been emerging during the past of the year, with the purpose of trying to explain how human beings acquire their first language. This is the reason children can accomplish cognitively a very challenging task of language acquisition even though they are still unable to do some simpler, cognitively less demanding things.


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