Essay About Mother Teresa Of Calcutta

Its missions mainly operate in disaster areas and economically disadvantaged regions.In the former USSR, Mother Teresa is known for helping the victims of the Chernobyl accident and the victims of the earthquake in the Armenian city of Spitak.Its creator is the English sculptor Jonathan Wilder.

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After that, she got the permission to open the Missionaries of Charity not only in the India, but in the other countries too.

Because of this fact, she became very popular in all different countries.

In the autumn 1950 she got the permission to create the Missionaries of Charity, but the government did not give money to her. The Mother Teresa and her sisters opened the hospitals for the ill people, schools for the children. The Pope was surprised because of her activity and gave her the present- the very rich car.

But she solved this car and for the money, she got for this present, she built the hospital for the people.

There were no people who did not hear about the Mother Teresa. She accepted it, but she refused from the celebration and all money, that were prepared for this celebration she gave to the poor people. When the government of the India asked her to give about 80% of the money, which were collected for the poor people to them, she even did not answer.

The activity of the Mother Teresa was not only very hard, but also very dangerous.

Our life is in our hands and we should not forget about it.

We should always think about the other people and do all possible to help them, when they need our help, because one day we will need this help too.

When she started her own way, she did not have the money or the support of someone. And she always found the people, that could give a lot of money and she helped all poor people.

She found the meals, clothes and places for the poor and ill people.


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