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The theme of deception is most obvious in Leda and the Swan.Here deception takes on physical Swan" has a romantic connotation, but in fact, the whole poem is about a rape.

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Yeats opens with an example of brachylogia, brevity of speech.

His elliptical fragment, "A sudden blow," recreates the stunning impact and tension of the assault.

Thus, it's fated that Helen will launch the war of a thousand ships, how Troy will fall, and Agamemnon will be murdered,.. An interesting paradox emerges, however, at first glance.

The poem Leda's sister and the Geese is about where Leda went that led up to her encounter Zeus to remain President of Olympia. The poem is written in a traditional form (sonnet), using a traditional rhyme scheme, yet the subject is extremely non-traditional (violent rape as opposed to the usual love sonnets in a day she still practices constantly at home in front of a mirror trying to achieve the perfection that her brain is seeking.

42% of women and 15% of men in the federal government have reported sexual Writers are judged if they’re deemed to be worthy enough in become part of the canon, in the early 20th century, William Butler Yeats, an Irish poet, was deemed worthy enough as he speaks to us across time, culture and political beliefs through his poem which contains timeless truths which are valued by human beings Two of Yeats’s poem ‘The Wild Swan at Coole’ and ‘Easter 1916’ which I’m going to refer as ‘Wild Swan’ and ‘Easter’ both poem Binary Oppositions in Leda and the Swan Yeats' "Leda and the Swan" uses the binary oppositions of the beauty and viciousness of Zeus as a swan and the helplessness and eventual strength of Leda, Yeats reveals that even the mightiest entities may suffer the consequences of their misuse of power.

In "Leda and the Swan," the beauty of the swan is contrasted with the physical attributes of a swan who acts out his male animalistic power Tyranny is forceful dominance over innocence.

Thus far, the figures enumerated evoke the tension of the event; however, other figures help characterize Zeus and Leda.

Yeats uses synecdoche, substitution of part for whole, to portray the god and the girl.

The ballet cuts out and we see Nina waking up in her bed.

She sits up and immediately begins stretching and warming up her ankles to begin practice.


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