English Book Essay

The content is also written for students studying GCSE English: if you are taking this exam, you’ll have a much better chance of passing!

We all want to be confident when we are writing our essays.

This book covers every aspect of academic writing for College, University and Secondary (High School) students.

We love how simple, honest and clear his instructions are and believe you will complete your writing task much more confidently with his advice.

It can take time to research, understand the material, plan what you want to write and have the creativity and confidence to produce the work.

There are some great books for essay writing to help you out! Soon enough you will be able to deliver excellent work.

The Art of the Personal Essay is an excellent collection of essays, from old to new, that are highly entertaining, creative and reflective.

Make sure to have this text on your bookshelf or in your bag, so that you can take it out whenever you are seeking inspiration for your next essay. For the ultimate essay writing book, this is the collection of work that you need to read. You will find every kind of style; from poetry and fantasy to serious arguments. Read through the essays at your own leisure, so that your ideas about how to write gently expand alongside your imagination and creativity.

For our younger learners aged 14 to 16, this is an excellent guide for students to refine their writing skills in essays, non-fiction, creative writing and more.

There are clear, helpful exercises throughout the book for students to complete and understand the best English topics for essay writing.


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