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Almost all of our students’ writings will fall somewhere along this spectrum, and within a single paper there are often passages that differ in quality. A GSI’s markings and comments on student papers should primarily help students understand the degree of their achievement and how they can improve their knowledge and performance in the future.Usually when an instructor sets out to correct errors, he or she is merely copyediting surface mistakes without attending to patterns of error or even the quality of the students’ thought .Should I make special accommodations for multilingual students?

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Students who have difficulty composing in Standard Written English may be international students from non-English-speaking countries.

Or they may be students from English-speaking countries for whom the language of the home was not English, or they may be students whose first language is English.

This can distract students from the main learning objectives that the piece of writing is meant to assess.

Correcting errors can also take up an inordinate amount of a GSI’s time.

GSIs who work in courses that are designed to improve student writing should read, in addition to this page, Working with NNS Writers in the Reading and Composition section of the Teaching Guide for GSIs.

Why is there such a wide range in student writing at Cal?

If you would like to see a list of resources for student writers and their GSIs, please see Additional Resources at the end of this Teaching Guide section or the Additional Resources page in the Reading and Composition section of the Teaching Guide.

Welcome to our collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, and educators.

Students can’t really process comprehensive error marking, but they can understand a pattern to correct if the GSI can help them learn to identify and work on it themselves. The grading standards for all students’ work should remain the same.

If improvement of student writing is a major course objective, please see the page Working with NNS Writers for further elaboration and productive strategies. “Accommodation” is a technical term for specific measures stipulated for individual students with specific mental, physical, or other disabilities, and these measures are formally determined case-by-case by specialists at the Disabled Students Program. Grading, however, is not the only thing GSIs do with student papers; they also respond with comments.


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