Effective Communication Case Study Analysis

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Additionally, James believed that Herry just wants to incapacitate James’ attempt to become a successful manager by making irrelevant remarks during the meeting which undermines her authority.

Additionally, James believed that Herry just wants to incapacitate James’ attempt to become a successful manager by making irrelevant remarks during the meeting which undermines her authority. I, being a team leader and companion of both the parties involved in dispute could not take any legal action against any of the parties and therefore decided to go for an informal communication method called mediation. This situation made me learn that that the personal relationships among employees are also sometimes affected by the decisions that are taken on the senior management level which can be only be sorted out with the help of strong leadership skills and tactics (Sims, 2002).

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Mediation can be considered a better option to sort out this dispute as the two individual were good friends before the promotion and formal procedures of conflict resolution may cause further harm to the relationship.

For this reason, mediation seems to be a genuine alternative and moral action in which disputing parties work with a neutral third party to resolve their disputes.https://studentsassignmenthelp.com/submit-assignment/In this process, I helped both the parties to find a common ground with the aim of dealing with unrealistic expectations in an effective manner and regain the sense of friendship and it actually worked out when the final outcomes were extremely positive.

After this individual and joint communication sessions, both Herry and James started respecting each other’s opinions as Herry realized that James was also opposed to the policy of senior management but was under managerial pressure to implement it regardless of any positive or negative outcomes (Fielding, 2005).

From this particular experience of dealing with organizational conflict or where I had to choose between legality and morality, I have learnt so many good things about the role and significance of effective communication at each and every phase of organizational activity.

After these seven years of strong companionship, there comes a day when existing operational head of the agency was transferred to another branch creating vacancy for manager operations in this particular branch.

After a deep discussion in an official meeting about the same, it was decided that James would be promoted to this particular profile which gave rise to an unwanted dispute among the two close friends, Herry and James.It was clear in Herry’s mind that this policy would fail due to the consistent increase in workload of team member and therefore she felt that James could have expressed firmer opposition to this policy which might have been set by the senior management. This particular thought in Herry’s mind has ignited the spark of anger ultimately giving rising to a silent workplace conflict that is quite difficult to resolve through legal actions. The personal skill become evident when one attends such communication activity.The purpose of professional communication Wartella (1994) along with Zarefsky (1993) acounted the underlying the basic characteristic of the course by a very descriptive model of the intellectual pattern of the human discipline of learning communication.It was literally the biggest deal for me, being a team leader, to identify the “spark” that ignited this disagreement and find out the most appropriate solution that can resolve the conflict and help these two people regain the sense of friendship for each other. As per the views of Herry, working with this newspaper agency for longest time period, she knows well what initiatives can prove to be helpful for the organization and what tends to create workplace issues. Although morality does not work out in all the circumstances but a leader has to keep in mind the moral values so as to become an ideal leader (Acker, 2012). In the above case, I resolved a conflict applying an alternative method of conflict resolution keeping in mind the moral values and I ultimately succeeded in effective management of workplace conflict. Case studies are used in many professional education programs, primarily in business school, to present real-world situations to students and to assess their ability to parse out the important aspects of a given dilemma.Professional communication is emerging as an area of investigation in various discipline like applied linguistics, study of communication, educational fields and the field of psychology as well.


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