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Modelling is very crucial so make sure you document it well -Manufacturing spec, what processes are you going to use and why?

-Manufacturing log (this takes up many pages) what you did, when you did it, why you did it and what would you change about it if you were to do it again.

If your product is going to be made out of wood then mock it up in MDF.

As a general rule modelling goes Card/paper MDF (at A-level anyway - perhaps your school has access to materials other than that such as styrofoam.

Two parcels containing the papers were "completely missing", the school added.

Teachers said Edexcel "refused to take any responsibility" for finding the parcels.(Cards are hopefully set up to be printed as A6 cards (which I will laminate with picture on one side and context clue on reverse). Question focus for lesson: What was life like in 1930s America?Cards are organised into groups – Stock market crash, Great Depression, Segregation, role of women, Hollywood, The Dust Bowl and The American Dream. Pupils make inferences based on images before reading context clues.Does anyone know of a decent layout of pages to include or any other info that might be helpful, would be very much appreciated.Thanks Ok so i did AQA at A-Level but the general rule is: -Mind map of existing problems your chosen market based on the brief have -Analysis of existing products, flaws, materials, what could be improved etc -Initial design ideas -Development of selected ideas from initial ideas -Finalised design idea -Gantt chart of how long certain areas of the project should take -Product specification - what materials, price range, durability etc is it going to have?A complete student friendly guide that covers every page or key area that needs to be included in the Coursework Unit (Unit 1 Creative Design and Make).It has been set out to follow the Specification and Marking Criteria.Here is the teaching outline: coursework 2015 essay-planning I also referred in the original post to John Thomsett’s excellent post on Janus Sentences: janus sentences This booklet was prepared by a colleague: Jade Boyle. Y10 Lit coursework booklet I attach a set of EDEXCEL sample essays for information and recommend that all students look at these.It is brilliant to write in a manner which is a consistent comparison, but Edexcel are clear that direct comparison is not needed and I recommend the 3-1-3-1-1-3 outline as a good starting point.The task requires careful planning and is the nearest i get to a scaffold at this level.I try to encourage clear planning of each paragraph, let alone the essay as a whole and I am working on a model of roughly 3 paragraphs for each “major” essay with the “minor”poems being used as links between the majors – roughly a single paragraph for each.


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