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The research proposal plays a major role when planning your research and doctoral thesis project.It is a thematically and methodologically concise description of your doctoral thesis project.

) Explain how your background and life experiences (including social, economic, cultural, familial, educational), or other opportunities and challenges motivated your decision to pursue a Ph D in political and social sciences at the SPS Department of the EUI.Try to keep the spotlight on the main idea(s) of your project along the whole text while clearly spelling out your concrete plans.Be especially alert when choosing the title and abstract of your proposal.The length of the entry phase depends on the stage of development of your dissertation project.Ideally doctoral students have already a concrete idea at the admission what kind of research they wish to do in the next years and have already contacted a potential supervisor (or even have an acceptance from a supervisor).Try to achieve a balance between feasibility and ambition.The state of the field Present and discuss the answers that the available literature offers the research question addressed in the proposal succinctly. ) List the research operations you will conduct, and justify why these are the best solutions to tackle your research question.These serve as an entry point to capture the reader’s attention.The 1000-character abstract (part of the online application form) will be included in the summary of your dossier separately from the research proposal, and most faculty members will make a first pre-selection of the proposals they want to read more carefully on the basis of the abstract.This is also probably a good moment to make explicit any caveats and limitations of your project.You should not, however, attempt to explain either the whole (history of the) world or one single and particular small case.


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