Discursive Essay Plan Euthanasia

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I found a proposal given by members of the Vess organization.

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They propose to make the patient comfortable until he dies.

First I propose that several psychiatric tests be run to determine a patient's mental state.

Opponents will say that it is not right to allow a person to ask for his own death because he may not be mentally competent.

The person may be in so much pain that he has not really thought the idea through well enough to make this decision.

Just remember to create a focus for this paper so that you can help your reader understand the concept of euthanasia.

Euthanasia Should be Legal Euthanasia is the intentional causing of a painless death. It is already legal in some areas and if put to a vote in every state, it most likely would become legal.You should make sure that you plan it out so that you can put the information in the right paragraph.You want to keep like information together so it makes the most sense.It will include a thesis statement which will be the focus of your paper.Break the information down into three parts which can be discussed in three different paragraphs in the body of your paper.When someone is in a lot of pain, some people believe that it is best to assist them in taking their life so that they don’t have to live in pain.It is considered mercy killing and allows them to be put out of their misery and end their suffering.First a person must request to die and a medical and a legal practitioner must determine that he is mentally competent to make this decision.Second two medical practitioners must decide that the patient is terminal or experiencing extreme mental or physical suffering.If it is within an individual's rights to commit suicide it should be legal to ask for help if needed.Euthanasia is a serious issue and it will not disappear if ignored.


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