Difficult Feedback Essay

Difficult Feedback Essay-57
I found a tip that really helps in understanding his/her concerns is to put yourself in the person’s shoes.

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However, no matter how negative the comment was, you have a choice in your reaction.

Reacting defensively tells more about you as a person than about the comment itself.

When receiving negative feedback, it’s natural to want to defend yourself immediately.

Has there been a time when you received a negative criticism, and your first instinct is to say: ““?

People will always have different opinions, and they are entitled to hold their opinions and say what they want to say.

The question then isn’t on how we can avoid negative feedback, but to learn to roll and deal with them.

If it’s a delayed communication, such as over email or a comment at my blog, I’ll leave it there for a couple of days while I let it sit in my mind.

I found that when I read the same piece of feedback at different times, it conjures up different thoughts and emotions.

Hence, referring back to the feedback at different times and aggregating the feelings help me to put things into context.

Sometimes we may interpret a comment in a wrong manner and looking it at another time helps us to consider from a different perspective.


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