Diagnostic Essay Sample

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While a yes or no response doesn't create an essay or thesis, the statement "Working hard for things makes you appreciate them more because you have to sacrifice, focus and overcome obstacles to get them," is a thesis statement.

A diagnostic paragraph example would include writing based on each of the three reasons keeping your essay thesis as a focus.

The first step in writing the diagnostic thesis statement is to write down a related and simple answer to the prompt's implied or obvious question.

This becomes the beginning of the thesis statement.

The diagnostic essay is often assigned to assess areas of student strength and weakness so teachers can address writing issues or offer more individualized writing assignments.

Diagnostic Essay Sample

Writing the diagnostic essay thesis is similar to writing any essay thesis.If you are given 20 minutes to complete the essay, break down the available time to allow time to complete each step.For example, you might allot two minutes to read and answer the prompt, five minutes for thesis formulation and planning and then the final thirteen minutes to write and edit the actual diagnostic writing for the essay.A good paper features a precise thesis, logical body paragraphs and a conclusion that reflects the thesis.Introduction In the field of organizational development, there are a number of disciplines and activities that needs to be undertaken.They are very common in standard exams like the SAT.Students are expected to time themselves and use proper prewriting skills.In the short time usually allotted to a diagnostic essay, that could lead to frustrations, rewrites and a teacher not getting a clear diagnosis of a student's actually writing skills.Within that vein, teachers are able to "diagnose" a student's actual writing skills and their time management skills as well.Taking a few minutes to adequately understand what the question is asking can prevent unnecessary work or rewrites.The second place that students can make a misstep when writing a diagnostic essay is in not answering the prompt's question.


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