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A children’s park has several playthings for them to play with and enjoy.There are swings, slides, rods for hanging upon for exercise, and many other such items that provide for children their much required exercise, enjoyment, and refreshment away from their busy schedules of school and home.

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In the mornings, in these parks children come with their parents or elders for walks, exercises and jogging, while, in the evening time they are again there for playing and having a good time after a heavy school routine.

On the open space in a park, we can see children, the bigger ones playing games like badminton, cricket, and hockey, while the small ones enjoy the slides and swings.

The lonely corners in a children’s park are also strewn with small babies in their perambulators with their governesses.

Now, the governesses also get together for a chat while the babies are asleep, or just gazing at the blue skies.

I really loved the freshness and the coolness which were always eased my mind, shared both sadness and gladness with me. It’s free for people to visit, so I could go there whenever I wanted.

thing in a park is the coolness and this park was very shady with its many tall trees.

I saw that most of benches around park were usually occupied. For example, children have their playground in which they can ride mini bicycles or drive mini electric cars; children can paint small gypseous statutes with watercolor or fill pictures with colored sand.

In the early mornings and the evenings, Adults can use many sites for doing exercises, learning dancing all kinds of dance such as break dance, dance sport, aerobic and so on Many clubs gather here to perform their special capacity such as skating, magic, yoyo; they were so fascinating that they crowded around...

The governesses continue their chatting sprees while at times one can hear the babies cry aloud in their prams.

At times, in lonely corners we can also spot a few bigger children sit with their books and studying without a care of the world.


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