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The play develops into the dreams and aspirations of Willy Loman and follows his strive for the American Dream as they fail to come true.

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His idea of what helps to make a person successful doesn’t match up with reality.

In a conversation with his son Happy, Willy stresses the fact that Bernard, his cousin is smart and has good grades but won’t succeed in the business world.

This is how he is described by the person who knew him the best, and probably knew his real nature: "Willy Loman never made a lot of money. He's not the finest character that ever lived".

Being a victim, he was constantly suppressing himself and his family in false pride and lies.

However his goals in life have been useless as he hasn’t achieved anything.

Willy soon gets fired from work, his marriage with his wife is hitting rock bottom, and his sons begin to lose faith in his beliefs.Willy never noticed his personal ignorance, he was insecure and self-deluded person.He believed with all his heart and soul in the idea of the American Dream, in the fact that he could easily gain a lot of money and achieve success, although he never achieved it.“That’s just what I mean, Bernard can get the best marks in school, you understand, but when he gets out in the business world, you understand, you are going to be five times ahead of him” (Miller 1014).Willy's assertion that popularity matters above all else is ironic.Willy, to some extent is also the tragic hero, as he didn't achieve self-knowledge and self-realization, even though he achieved the professional understanding of himself and comprehended the sales profession fundamentals.The problem is that he didn't realize his failure as the person and how he betrayed his own soul and family trying to achieve illusive heights.Having an American Dream may not be a bad motivation for life, but Willy held on to this dream as if it was everything.Death of a Salesman has many literary devices that help to make it deep and riveting play that has become an American classic.He was distinguishing between his dreams and the reality that was around, and when the reality started pushing on him, it hurt severely his mental health.The main conflict of the play is centered on the tremendous tensions of the Willy's disparity and his social obligations.


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