Cry Beloved Country Essay Prompts

This simple literary technique generates the movement of plot and points directly to the language.

Diction remains simple, yet eloquent in its delivery by the various characters.

The tribal language brings the novel credence and revelation of a people rooted in tradition and honor. He noted that although the story is not true, it is a social record of the truth.

is a classic work of world literature, not only for bringing to light a destructive political system but also for depicting the humanity among people that can be lost in the struggle for justice and power.

Even the Reverend Theophilus Msimangu, a priest who offers his assistance to Kumalo, believes that this disintegration of social values cannot be mended. desiring only the good of their country, come together to work for it.” The land, in this case, South Africa, is the center of this novel.

Msimangu does, however, envision hope for “when white men and black men . As the land becomes divided and eroded, so, too, do the people who live on it.

Kumalo speaks in a mildly solemn language emphasizing his ecclesiastic background; the Reverend Msimangu often speaks in an oratory fashion to proclaim his views.

John Kumalo uses the language of violence to demonstrate his anger over apartheid and his love for power as a black leader in Johannesburg. Born in South Africa, Paton knew firsthand the tragedy that marked his homeland.

Kumalo learns quickly that the whites, through the policy of apartheid, have disrupted African values and social order.

He notes that city life leads to a demoralized lifestyle of poverty and crime for the natives.


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