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(Examples: Connecting related ideas discussed in separate sections or units of a course into a single, unified product, such as a concept map.

Sometimes, I will ask students to write a minute-paper in response to the question.Furthermore, questions calling for factual recall are the type of questions that are least likely to promote student involvement.In contrast, studies show that “open-ended” questions calling for divergent thinking (i.e., questions that allow for a variety of possible answers and encourage students to think at a deeper level than rote memory) are more effective in eliciting student responses than “closed” questions calling for convergent thinking (i.e., questions that require students to narrow-in or converge on one, and only one, correct answer) (Andrews, 1980; Bligh, 2000).text) is known to promote teaching students the skill of asking “beautiful” questions.Naturally, this raises another question: “What makes a question “beautiful?Additional research indicates that students can learn to engage in such “meta-cognition” (thinking about thinking) if they are regularly asked self-assessment questions, which require reflection on their own thought processes.When students learn to routinely ask themselves these questions, the depth and quality of their thinking are enhanced (Resnick, 1986).Considerable research evidence indicates that such generic question stems can serve as effective prompts for promoting student use of specific thinking skills in different contexts (King, 1990, 1995).Research indicates that college instructors spend little class time posing questions to students, and when questions are posed, the vast majority of them are memory-level questions that ask for factual recall rather than critical thinking (Gardiner, 1994).Each of the critical thinking skills included in the taxonomy is defined in terms of a corresponding mental action and is followed by a trio of sample questions designed to promote that particular form of thinking.The questions have been constructed in a generic manner that allows them to be adapted for use in specific courses and academic disciplines.


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