Critical Essays On Romeo And Juliet

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Essays provide close analyses of language, discussion of the play as a work (and film), and various contextual approaches, including essays on historical, cultural, social, philosophical, and gender contexts.

Revealing patterns emerge in Shakespeare’s plays as to male insecurities about women, men’s need to dominate and possess women, their fears of growing old, and the like.

depends in part on Romeo’s sensitivity to peer pressure that seemingly obliges him to kill Tybalt and thus choose macho male loyalties over the more gentle and forgiving model of behaviour he has learned from Juliet. Feminist critics of the late 20th and early 21st centuries included, among many others, Lynda Boose, Lisa Jardine, Gail Paster, Jean Howard, Karen Newman, Carol Neely, Peter Erickson, and Madelon Sprengnether. Smith and Valerie Traub also dealt importantly with issues of gender as a social construction and with changing social attitudes toward “deviant” sexual behaviour: cross-dressing, same-sex relationships, and bisexuality.

2 Introductory Essays4 Critical Context Essays10 Critical Readings Essays Current Critical Analysis by Top Literary Scholars Introductory Essay by the Editor Chronology of Author's Life Complete List of Author's Works Publication Dates of Works Detailed Bio of the Editor General Bibliography General Subject Index in literary circles, theatre programs, and with general readers around the globe, one would assume that every facet of analysis regarding this iconic play had long ago been exhausted through relentless study and debate.

Its longevity and our persistence with it, however, only enhance, one of Shakespeare’s best-known tragedies.


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