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If you were given 3 wishes what would they be and why? Children can think about having anything in the world. Or, If I could improve a toy, which toy would I improve, how would I make it better? Will they pick something like peace on earth or will they go the million dollar route? If I could invent a new animal what kind of animal what kind of animal would it be? You can talk to the children about the creative process: First you come up with an idea, then you have to get it made. Do you want your doll to have more features or do more? Younger pupils can practise their recounts while older pupils can delve into creative writing where crazy capers await them!

A 6 week course for children, aged 9-11, who want to improve their creative writing skills.

The focus of Course 1 is to learn different writing skills and techniques. The Creative Writing Course 1 has been specially designed for 9-11 year olds, including those taking the 11 exams.

In this section, I've provided a variety of printable templates and tips to guide children through making up their own stories.

I suggest trying different approaches throughout the year to help the children discover what methods work best for them.

Some forms of creative writing are meant to entertain the reader, while others are therapeutic.

Creative writing lets the writer use their imagination and takes the reader on a journey into their thoughts.Creative writing can be used to explain many types of writing.It is basically writing that lets the writer express themselves.When you begin teaching children to write during their elementary school years, the first attempts at writing creatively often take place around the age of six.While there is still much to be learned about spelling, composition and even proper handling of pencils at this age, the kids can begin experimenting with creative writing and express themselves in words.My Amazing Diary is a fun, exciting writing challenge that invites pupils to write a diary entry…from a day at the park or the zoo to school, a magical adventure or their best day ever…In this six-week course, we focus on learning different skills or techniques, including mastering figurative language, using the Show Don’t Tell technique, and learning how to build suspense effectively. The Creative Writing Skills book is used during the course to accompany the sessions and is included in the cost of the course.Attendees of Course 1 will receive a discount voucher for the Creative Writing Course 2 if they wish to progress.Depending on the topic you chose, you can also find out things about their personality, what kind of friend they are, how they feel about themselves and if they set goals and more. This questions is usually a favorite topic with the children. If you could change the world what would you do and why? Would they change things such as ending hate and violence in the world? Write about a time you lost a game, didn’t do well on a test or made a mistake, what lesson did you learn? Without losing sometimes, you won’t strive to become better.64. Have them imagine what it would be like to become famous overnight with a video that went viral.How do you get kids to want to write without complaining? Have them think about how they would like to be treated by a friend, do they treat their friends the way they want to be treated? If you could be invisible what would you do and why? Remember these are things the children are feeling, there are no wrong answers.13. To them the children with their writing ask them the following questions. Have you ever told a lie that turned into another lie? Ask them first if they think a million dollars is a lot of money. Would they change things such as making gas or food free for everyone? This is a great writing topic to use when teaching children about losing. Blank Writing Books for Kids Hygloss Products, Inc Paperback Blank Sketch, Writing, Journaling, Book for Children and Adults Pack of 6 in Assorted Colors, 8.5″ x 11” I recommend using these unlined books by Hygloss for creative writing with young children.


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