Cover Letters For Entry Level Paralegals

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Ok, ok – I guess we have to touch on the stuff everybody already knows too…

There are some things that are expected on a resume, no matter how stock they may be.

But it should be more than a chronological list of your work history and education.

It’s your first writing assignment for your future employer, so make it a pleasure to read.

Before we get to the façade of the resume, let’s look at the nuts and bolts: content.

When considering the content of your resume, remember that the legal environment is the epitome of persnickety, so now’s not the time to misspell a word or omit a key piece of information.

Keep in mind that a long read of your resume won’t occur until after an initial scan, so keeping it to the point and free of any fluff will always work to your advantage.

There are two main points to keep in mind when writing and constructing your resume: .

The perfect paralegal resume is well-organized and concise. In other words, it’s everything attorneys want their paralegals to be.

While there are a few things you consider if you want your resume to earn a spot on the boss’s desk, you also want to be careful not to overthink the process.


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