Corporate Compliance Research Paper

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Create clear linkages between changes in regulations and internal controls.Manage the full lifecycle of regulatory and corporate compliance.

Create clear linkages between changes in regulations and internal controls.Manage the full lifecycle of regulatory and corporate compliance.

Manage linkages between internal controls and laws, regulations and industry frameworks.

Document, assess and report on the performance of controls across your business.

Other companies employ more sophisticated methods, including using algorithmic software to monitor employee activity.

In short, Haugh discovered that while subtle suggestions from management can influence positive employee behavior, it also can backfire and become a tool of unwanted behavioral manipulation.

Financial crimes compliance has historically been solely the realm of banks and financial institutions.

Sujata Dasgupta discusses how and why customers are taking a larger role in ensuring their own compliance.Designed to provide a framework to help organizations identify, manage and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities.Empowers organizations to maintain an accurate inventory of processing activities, establish and apply documented controls around the usage of PII, and manage data retention requirements."They consider the behavioral implications of the compliance program at every turn, particularly how company policies might foster or defeat employee rationalizations." In the "Nudging" paper, Haugh studied companies' use of simple interventions to influence good behavior, following the concept established by 2017 Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler.Examples of corporate nudging include brief written reminders of morality for employees completing travel reimbursement forms and checklists before client funds are transferred.Create, manage and distribute corporate and regulatory policies, standards and procedures in a single governance system of record.Ensure alignment of policies with changing business objectives and reduce compliance gaps.By automating task assignments, report creation and controls assurance testing through a centralized portal, RSA Archer helps to reduce the time burden on critical resources while minimizing your organization’s risk of costly compliance failures.RSA Archer Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Management allows you to eliminate manual, non-scalable compliance activities by implementing a consistent and repeatable process for managing new and changing regulations.This is because few companies understand how their employees reach unethical and illegal decisions or have compliance strategies aimed at curbing them, according to research by a professor in the Indiana University Kelley School of Business."Despite a sustained focus on curbing bad corporate behavior over the past two decades, and a resulting boom in the compliance industry, corporate America is still searching for compliance strategies that are evidence-based, demonstrably successful and cost effective," said Todd Haugh, assistant professor of business law and ethics at the Kelley School.


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