Conflict Essay

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You should be patient in every conflict situation, because if you are calm and patient, it will help you to control your own emotions.

To sum up, you should understand, that everything is in your hands.

The main important mistake of all people, that they live in the yesterday events.

Why do you tell the other person about his last problems or actions? Also, it will not help you to solve the conflict, but it will create the new one, which will be difficult to solve. It is impossible to change your past, but you do not know about your future and because of it, everything you have it is only today.

It is needed to solve your problems when they appear.

There is no need to collect some negative emotions, problems and the other things.There are a lot of facts, when people did or said something and later they were not happy that they said or thought it.A lot of Easters religions pay a lot of attention exactly for the skills to control your emotions.It seems, that everyone had the situation, when the person create the problems, after that imagined, that it was something huge, had a lot of conflicts about it and in the result, the situations were even funny, but you had a lot of problems because of it.So, you should not imagine the events, that did not happen.It seems, that the life is impossible without different conflicts.It does not matter in which sphere it appears, the questions about solving this problem and how to prevent it in the future will be always.The scientist proved, that it should be done by the weak people, that cannot provide the strong arguments and because of it start to speak about some personal qualities.You should remember, that it will not solve the situation, it will make it even worth.Try to solve them at that moment and tell the other person about it.If you do not solve your problems, later you will have a lot of them and it will be very difficult to do something.


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