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The major subjects which are covered in computer science are computer architecture, automata or computation, programming languages such as C, C , JAVA, DOT net, computer networking, computer graphics and multimedia applications, data structures, operating systems, software engineering, software testing and quality assurance.

With the help of computer architecture, hardware components of a computer are selected and interconnected.

Automata is the study of abstract computing devices.

There are basically two types of computer graphics viz. In interactive graphics, the user can manipulate the graphics but in non-interactive graphics, a user cannot do so. We provide Computer science assignment help in very well manner.

Data Structuresdeal with the organization of data present in computer's main memory or even in disk storage.

The most widely used programming languages are C, C , and JAVA.

A programming language can generally be divided into two parts: syntax and semantics.

Software engineering is the application of engineering to software.

After software development is its quality test and quality assurance.


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