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Without it there will be no “culture” no “organisation” and no “society”. “Resistance to change, deterioration or displacement”. Stability is a ship in the sea which maintain its upright position either the condition is.Stability maintain for long period of time and it resist to all the changes that happen in the surrounding.(Considering risk in international business) Business has no idea about the local risk.

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It involved the international movement of good, capital, services, employees and technology; importing and exporting; cross-border transactions in intellectual property (patents, trademarks, know-how, copyright materials, etc) via licensing franchising and management contracts.” Book3 ) “the transaction done by individual or organisation cross the countries.

To satisfied the objective by mean of export, import and foreign direct investment.

International business is the term use for the operation and objective of the organisation that have interest in other countries.

For example Tesco, Ford, General Motor, Mc Donald, Disney, so many other companies.These factor decreases profit ratio of international investment.There are no specific criteria to measure such in-stability. Uncertain condition of country make easy for international business to design their own stability criteria.This results in best used of human capital increases employee opportunity.Equal growth of wealth, price stability, availabilities of goods and services to each and every one.These companies have key interest to standardise their product for general acceptance. Tie between the different societies and organisations. H) as businesses inter into new market it chances of 50% losses increases.Due to different in economic, political, cultural structure, policies, geography and currencies.For example dell computer it different part are produced in different countries, assemble these parts in another and sell it in yet other countries.(Book4) “The commercial activities crossed national borders.For example ford, Toyota, Honda, and Mc Donald, KFC, burger king, and so many other things which are use worldwide.International business brings globalisation in the production.


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