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Charles Perrault’s focuses on the simplicity and kind heartedness of Cinderella who never wishes badly for anyone.Her father is described as a weak individual and is not a prominent character in the story (Perrault).However she does not stray from Odysseus even though he had been gone for 20 years.

You should have an introduction and two or more body paragraphs.

One body paragraph should focus on similarities; the other body paragraph should focus on differences.

Introduction Classics Essay, Compare and Contrast Penelope and Circe The theme of the two woman's relationship with Odysseus is complex however they are both very different in what, to them justifies as a relationship.

Penelope is very loyal to Odysseus right to the were end of the odyssey as she has lots of suitors and does not pick any or give in to the temptation that is around with the increasing advances of the suitors, they are continually throwing themselves at her in an attempt to make her their bride.

In book 10 Hermes appears to both Odysseus and Circe and tells them how to react and what to do when them met each other for the first time 'the Giant killer with the golden wand always told me to expect you' (10, 131) this shows that Hermes has been meddling with their fate and he has basically told them to sleep together.

Circe's fate and meeting with the gods is much more upfront as she is one herself whereas Penelope's meeting is much more secretive because unlike Circe she is not a goddess herself. So I don't think that she had actually slept with the men that she had turned into animals because they were obviously not immune like Odysseus was.Penelope was also surrounded by men however they were not animals, how ever much they behaved like one, again there is no evidence in the text or in the references that she was unfaithful to Odysseus in any way. Conclusion In this way Penelope and Circe are quite similar however Penelope uses wit whereas Circe uses magic to deceive people.Looking at Hecuba and Andromache of the Iliad, women’s roles are mainly depicted as mothers and wives.The maternal and protective instincts of their sons are seen as an obstacle that the male hero has to overcome to fulfill his heroic destiny.Fate made by the Gods Both of the women are visited by the gods, Penelope has visits from the Goddess Athena, she makes Penelope appear more beautiful towards the Achaeans 'the great goddess then endouded her with immortal gifts, to make the Achaeans marvel at her beauty' (18, 190) Athena then goes on to make her more beautiful when she was asleep so that Penelope would not know that it was a goddess doing the 'meddling' and think that she was just having a nice dream.Whereas Circe's fate with the gods it much more upfront as she is herself a goddess.The conclusion should address whether you think heroes are as important to your generation (contemporary America) as they were for the ancient Greeks.On the other hand, the Iliad demonstrates the importance of women in the lives of the ancient Greece.This is yet a motherly role demonstrated of Hecuba, who feels that her son needs to be covered with rituals and prayers even in his death.Hecuba is also the first to throw herself at Hector’s body when it was finally returned back to (“Compare and contrast the representation of women in the Iliad and the Essay”, n.d.) Retrieved from “Compare and Contrast the Representation of Women in the Iliad and the Essay”, n.d. This is a comparison and contrast between Cinderella and Ashputtle.


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