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Readers learn much about the character through authorial descriptions and viewing the world through the character’s eyes.In a personal essay, you must show your character mostly from a first-person perspective, and this means that every action or perspective should be filtered through .

Readers learn much about the character through authorial descriptions and viewing the world through the character’s eyes.

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But this rule is much easier to understand than to follow, and a whole lot of beginning writers (and even many professional writers) mistake it.

It might help to think about this difference as “summary” (telling) versus “description” (showing).

If you remember nothing else from reading blogs about writing admissions essays, keep in mind that you should always strive to ENTERTAIN the reader.

Readers can be deeply affected by the inner thoughts and unusual or impressive actions of the protagonist or of other interesting characters.

When summarizing, one often gives an overview of the situation, using more general abstract nouns and adjectives to describe events, objects, or feelings.

When describing, one writes in vivid detail to give the reader or listener a more immediate connection to the circumstances—the details ultimately provide evidence for what the writer or speaker is saying, rather than filling in the gap with vague language or clichés.

: When telling your story, start in the middle of the action to capture the reader’s attention.

Then go back to the beginning and provide the background details before moving back to the conflict and showing the reader how you handled the situation.

Too many students feel the need to show admissions officers that they are super capable essay writers, and that can lead to a lot of embellished and flowery words and phrases. The story is the meat-and-potatoes of the admissions essay, and the reason for this is that a story containing all of these elements will not only leave a lasting impression in the minds of the admissions officers, it will tell them what they need to know about how you deal with adverse situations and how you are able to glean important lessons from them.

But what readers often remember the most, even in a lot of the most beautiful prose, is the . A protagonist who fights against all odds and becomes better and wiser for the struggle is probably someone who will perform excellently in a tough program at a top-tier college.


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