Comedy Of Errors Essay Questions

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She feels that she has lost her attractiveness to him.

Adriana's accusation of neglect may have some substance, as Antipholus E.

Because she thinks that the absence of one partner irreparably takes something away from the other, she over-reacts when Antipholus E. When, at the end of the play, the Abbess rebukes her for driving Antipholus E.

mad with her jealous fits, she takes the message to heart and it is implied that she will change her behavior within the marriage.

Part of the reason for her unhappiness seems to be that her love for her husband is so possessive (see also the theme of Identity) that she feels she is torn apart by his absences.

Fiercely jealous of her husband's friendship with the Courtesan, she nags him about it incessantly and rebukes him for neglecting her.

She believes that wives should have power over their husbands and as much freedom as them.

Her attitude to her husband is one of impatience and anger.

The law itself was created as a result of a perceived debt incurred by the city of Syracuse to the city of Ephesus.

This came about when the city of Syracuse began to force Ephesian merchants to pay a ransom or forfeit their lives.


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