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Jerry describes his elder brother has a stranger because he always makes his own rules and regulations and even sides with both mum and dad in decision making.It is soft and pliable at body temperature, characteristic of an amorphous solid in its elastic, rubbery condition.The gum then turns hard and rigid when it comes into contact with cold drink or ice cube in the mouth.He saves money meant for his fare to the movies so that he can buy chewing gums and get the picture of Ken Maynard.His hard work and savings earn him thirty five cents which he intends to spend on the purchase of the chewing gums.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Heat is a form of kinetic energy that causes random motion of molecules and the pliability of polymer, in comparison to “cold” polymers which lack kinetic energy to move around and hence are brittle on cooling.Example of this behavior is the glass transition of chewing gum.Melting is a transition that occurs in crystalline polymers when these chains are disoriented from the crystal structures and become liquid.A sample of semicrystalline polymer can be composed of both amorphous and crystalline portions, therefore it can have both a glass transition temperature and a melting temperature.


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