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Intensivists about apa governance lecture course of the widening the human consumption. Students enrolled in chemistry courses will typically encounter two main types of writing assignments: the laboratory notebook and the formal laboratory report.Performs and reports test results for all clinical laboratory procedures as assigned.Post-lab questions: Calcium should be the most reactive with water.

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Data & Results Data from Table 1 was collected by obtaining HCl and dropping in a piece of metal, then observing what happens.

In some combinations, a reaction occurred, and in other combinations, a reaction did not occur.

This was a key observation for calcium to be placed at the top of the activity series, because it was able to react with magnesium, zinc, iron, tin, and copper ions.

This activity series can be used to predict if a reaction will occur between any metals on this list.

This particular lab report demonstrates my ability to perform qualitative analysis, and to think critically about the data to form a logical conclusion.

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The Activity Series October 14, 2014 Purpose The purpose of this lab was to test the reactivity of certain metals, then create an activity series demonstrating the metals’ tendencies to be oxidized.

Solid metal was placed in a metal ion solution to determine if a reaction would occur.

Calcium was the most easily oxidized, while copper was least reactive.

In this experiment, different metals were tested for their reactivity.

It was recorded if a reaction occurred or not, so that an activity series could be created.


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