Charter School Application Essay

Currently, only one charter school in New Hampshire has succeeded in getting approval from a local district.

All other charter schools were approved by the Board of Education.

Charter schools in New Hampshire may be founded by: All charter schools must apply for authorization, receiving approval via a local school district, a town vote, or the Board of Education.

Charters are valid for a term of five years, at which point a school must apply for renewal.

The Board of Education cannot approve new charter schools unless funding for them has been included in the state budget or has been secured elsewhere.

In the past, a lack of state funds has led to a moratorium on new charter school approvals.

New Hampshire requires that charter schools comply with the following rules: However, because traditional public schools generally raise quite a bit of additional money from local taxpayers, charter school per-pupil reimbursement rates are lower than average per-pupil expenditures at traditional public schools, which averaged ,310 in 2017.

Charter schools therefore seek funding from additional sources, including: Statewide assessment results show NH charter school students generally performing better than traditional public school students, with higher proficiency in both math and reading.

This bill also repeals the local option to create a special valuation for property owners who lease property to charter schools.

Gives the state Board of Education more oversight of charter schools, including expenditures, sex education, etc.


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