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There are other natural polymers made up of amino acids (proteins) and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA).To learn more about other polymers made by nature, click here.Cellulose for industrial use is mainly obtained from wood pulp and cotton.

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was originally a fiber made from cellulose nitrate.

But like the plastic and film versions it was also very flammable.

This makes sense, since that's what it is made from.

But it also has a smooth texture that makes it shiny like silk.

The compound was first chemically synthesized (without the use of any biologically derived enzymes) in 1992, by Kobayashi and Shoda.-glucose units, which condense through β(1→4)-glycosidic bonds.

This linkage motif contrasts with that for α(1→4)-glycosidic bonds present in starch and glycogen. Unlike starch, no coiling or branching occurs and the molecule adopts an extended and rather stiff rod-like conformation, aided by the equatorial conformation of the glucose residues.

Cellulose is made of repeat units of the monomer glucose - the same monomer found in regular sugar.

Because cellulose is built out of a sugar monomer, it is called a polysaccharide. Notice any difference between the pop up and what's on this page? They're isomers with the one OH on the ring next to the ether (ring oxygen) either up or down.

All these little magnets The science term for this awesome sticky force (between chains of cellulose) is called .

The "H" acts like the ( ) end of a magnet, and the "O" acts like the (-) end. If it was just a few hydrogen bonds, they could pull apart (like pulling apart two weak magnets).


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