Cannery Row Essay

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Lee Chong agrees to let Mack borrow the truck after Mack promises that Gay, who is a gifted mechanic, will fix it up.There is a young boy named Frankie who hangs around Doc’s lab.

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He tells Mack that he will pay him a nickel per frog.

However, Mack and his boys will need to drive to find the frogs, so he asks Lee Chong for his truck.

He pours Mac a beer and, with a sigh, asks him what happened.

Mack and the boys become outcasts after the party debacle, and all of Cannery Row sinks into a malaise.

The watchman at Dora’s is Alfred, who took over after the last watchman committed suicide in a fit of despair.

Across the street from Dora's is Western Biological, the laboratory belonging to Doc, a wiry and bearded scientist.

Everyone is miserable, tired, and prone to fighting or issues with their businesses.

The boys' beloved puppy, whom they have named Darling, falls ill.

They have to ask Doc to help her out, which he does coolly but willingly.

Doc does not hold a grudge against Mack and the boys, and muses to his friend that they are the most philosophical men in Cannery Row.


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