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Two-thirds of new businesses survive two years, and 44% last at least four years, according to a recent study.

As we surveyed successful business owners, there were a few areas they really concentrated on in their first couple years in business to ensure they’d keep their doors open: Build a customer base, hire the best salespeople, get their digitizing done right and join a trade organization.

“I’ve grown my business by doing a good job and mostly getting referrals,” he says.

When Donovan opened his doors in 2001, he didn’t have a stable of Advertising Specialty Institute vendors filling his shop with orders. “That was the key way we brought on new clients in our first days.” Part of Donovan’s cold-calling strategy was to prepare samples of his work, and make appointments with ad specialty distributors.

Second, people like to do business in person, face-to-face.

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Third, most people like to see, touch and try on apparel before they buy it.Check out our Embroidery Business Startup Guide for more advice on how to create a profitable business within your first year!Want to know the tricks of the trade to make your part-time embroidery job your full-time gig? businesses, that’s not a huge percentage of closures – but you sure don’t want your embroidery business to be one of the casualties.“Developing a niche market of customers can help you grow your business,” says Jennifer Cox, cofounder and president of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals.“For example, if you’re a farmer, you know a great deal about crops, animals, equipment and the entire process.After being in the embroidery industry for over 45 years, we have seen the evolution of growing trends and cutting-edge technology.Because of our ability to adapt, Melco has established itself as a pioneer of technology in the embroidery industry.Embroidery businesses attract highly creative and versatile people that are ambitious entrepreneurs with an artful approach to designing embroidery products. This is a niche industry that is continually growing and thriving within the retail economy. Many people feel trapped in their Monday to Friday, 9-5 routine, just going through the day-to-day motions.The limitless possibilities of a startup provide a form of untapped independence for even the most stagnant employee.How do you keep those embroidery machines running up to 16 hours a day? Last year, about 650,000 new small businesses opened their doors, while another 565,000 folded, according to the Small Business Administration. asked successful embroiderers and industry consultants how to aggressively grow a business.Their feedback shows how much help is out there, in terms of networking with other shop owners and professional organizations, for your embroidery company.


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