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(4) Answer the Online Diagnostic Test (MBE Pre-test): upload to the Matrix system by pm on Sunday, January 13.

To access the MBE Pre-test, access the “Link to Take MBE Pre-Test” in the MBE Pre-Test module on Matrix (the first module in the Matrix classroom).

Answers to All Questions on Business Laws and Ethics Business ethics and Business law coursework No management student should graduate without properly learning about business laws and ethics, because these things actually guide their conduct in their professional life.

Business ethics not only teaches a person about the right forms of behavior which they shall follow within the business organization, but it also makes them aware of the exploitations they themselves might face in the hands of their employer, other employees, clients, and consumers.

Business laws also have to taxes and benefits, property laws and intellectual property laws, breaching of trust, the unethical disclosure of information and much more.

The study of business law is not something that can be summed up in a few words.

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