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That might be coffeemaking equipment, packaging equipment, some printing and layout materials, maybe chairs and tables as well.

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While it may seem advantageous to show investors that the company will significantly grow, eventually actual results may disappoint.

Even worse, business decisions may have been made using such projections.

The budgeting process should not be completed behind closed doors in an office by a member of the accounting or finance team.

Instead, all of the departments within the company should be consulted on their expectations for the following fiscal year.

Money you spend on assets isn’t deductible against taxable income, so the bookkeeping is different, like it or not.

The assumptions used in this illustration show how even simple, service-based businesses need some start-up money. Part of the planning for a startup is figuring these numbers out.There’s a lot of potential confusion about startup costs. Make two simple lists, one of expenses and the other one of assets.You tend to jump right into one of those accounting vocabulary problems that often trip people up, because they want to make things mean what they ought to mean, instead of what standard accounting and financial analysis make them mean. You’ll need this information to set up initial business balances and to estimate start-up expenses, such as legal fees, stationery design, brochures. The following illustration is a typical start-up table for a homebased office, service business — in this case a resume writing service.When in doubt, it is a good idea to be more conservative and leave some “slack” in the projections in case sales goals are not reached or are delayed.begin the annual budgeting process by October to allow sufficient time to ensure the best-detailed estimate is completed by year-end.It is important to keep in mind that each new employee hired will likely require a certain amount of capital expenditure.Investments in equipment or processes that are directly related to your product or service should also be considered.Sometimes a carefully selected sample business plan will help, but if you try that, be careful, because sample business plans are just about one case for one business at one specific location some time in the past.They are not intended to stand for all businesses; you have to know your own case.This includes the sales team who can assist with realistic revenue assessments, the manufacturing or service team who can advise on costs of delivery and any large purchases required to update machinery, the research & development team who can discuss expected expenses as well as the timing on any new products anticipated, and so on.Compared to creating a budget that estimates an overall percentage increase over the prior year’s actual income – which is far too common in most small and mid-size businesses – incorporating input from each department will result in more accurate and complete projections for the upcoming fiscal year.


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