Boy Scout Narrative Essay

In the essays, Scouts are asked, "In your own words, describe what it would mean to you to become an Eagle Scout." Essay lengths differ greatly, from one sentence to four handwritten pages.Generally, Eagle Award applicants write about what it has meant to work several years to receive this award, and what they plan on doing after the receive it.In 1961, the Inter-Racial Service turned into the Urban Relationship Service and added inner-city children of all races.

They were often not allowed to wear scout uniforms, and had far smaller budgets and insufficient facilities to work with.

The BSA on a national level was often defensive about its stance on segregation.

As an organization dedicated to developing morally strong and virtuous men out of boys, the BSA stresses the importance of understanding what it means to be a Scout.

When applying for the Eagle Scout Award, the highest rank in Scouting, applicants must submit an essay along with documentation of their earned merit badges.

It provided a heightened sense of community and unity that complemented their internal needs.

If they made it this far under such extreme oppression, why should they happily submit themselves to white churches and social clubs?

Native Americans were also a large portion of the minority Scouts, and lived in settlements in rural areas.

With the help of these programs, the two Southern Regions, Region V in Memphis and Region VI in Atlanta, had growth rates of 28.2% and 47.9%, respectively.

In the responses immediately following integration, different values and goals emerged based on race and oppression.

One young man says, "When applying for a job or trying to enter college being an Eagle Scout is a great advantage." "Being white in Winston-Salem, opportunities to go to college and to get a good job were there.


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