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Some form of transition will always take place for an individual to feel a sense of belonging, whether to a group, to a community or to a society.There is a battle where the thoughts of the individual are torn apart, to allow them to reach a level of understanding and acceptance in order to achieve a sense of belonging together.Influences such as family and culture attribute immensely to allow for an individual to acquire the feeling of belonging together.

Some form of transition will always take place for an individual to feel a sense of belonging, whether to a group, to a community or to a society.

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Reading this I felt I was learning about myself and how bad things can be fixed.

The novel also has a steady influence of Indian culture which I, who am not Indian, found extremely interesting.

Continue reading Hidier seems drawn to places of blurred boundaries—whether between cultures or creative disciplines like writing and music.

But this, she believes, is, in fact, where we all live.

“It’s less a matter of its being two spaces with a blurred boundary; more like it’s always one space upon which that border is the imposed element—sometimes useful, sometimes detrimental.

Culturally, this was the idea I explored in : that that neither-here-nor-there space (Indian? ) is in fact a You Are Here—an identity in its own right.” Such spaces are rich with creative potential—but they take time to explore.At first the boy, Karsh, seems boring and she is resigned not to like him.As she gets to know him, though, Dimple likes him more and views him as the artistic person he is.“I did feel a sense of ‘slowness’ during the process, which was very different from the ‘rush’ that accompanied me during the nine (pre-motherhood months) it took to write was a very different sort of project, and required this kind of underwater feel.” In any case, she adds, “you can’t rush your story, prose or musical.And in a culture that seems to be increasingly about speed, fast, quick fix, insta, I don't mind at all the idea of taking time—a slower…approach—towards discovering and expressing an idea.transports Dimple, now two years older, to modern-day Bombay for a family wedding, in a story that Kirkus calls, in a starred review, a “prose-poem meditation on love, family and homecoming.” Hidier had intended to continue the story of Dimple and her friend Gwyn in New York City, but says it became “abundantly clear that the next point of exploration for Dimple (and me) should be Bombay: the birth city of my mother and…that of my parents’ courtship,” a place she says she “barely knew.” By then she’d had her own two daughters, and becoming a parent “crystallized” her desire to learn this part of her family’s history.“I longed to forge a tangible connection to this metropolis of myth and memory—to write my way towards, and hopefully it,” she explains. On her first full day there, she says she stood on Juhu Beach with her father, the site of his “once-upon-a-time strolls with my then-saried mother.Her curvaceous body and skin tone differentiate Dimple from others, even though she’s born in America.Dimple’s mum further informs her that “India is in your blood”; which demonstrates that some aspects of belonging together are innate.Sparkling, colorful descriptions give life to New York's cultural clubs and you can almost hear the music playing.Reading Born Confused, I learned about friendships, relationships and how to be happy with myself.


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