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A step by step explanation enables the reader of the bible to fully understand who Jesus was.However, movies on the works and deeds of Jesus are brief, as they are limited to 2 or 3 hours only.Technological changes have little impact on the effectiveness of the book whose greatest value lies not on the paper on which it is written, but on the content of the pages.

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When it comes to the consumption of literature materials, different people have different tastes and preferences.

In some cases, movies and books perform the same function particularly in cases where both the book and the movie are based on similar stories thus have related content.

Movies of the 19th century, for instance, are not as desirable as books written during a similar period because most of them employed inferior technology, and are mostly done in “black and white.” Books are eternal as no technology can render a book unfeasible. They are more detailed and are highly informative and educative in comparison to a movie.

Authors are not limited by time and budgetary constraints as movie editors are.

It is true that now a day online education is commonly offered in the educational programs but technology does not always facilitate the right type or the good quality of information that is being exchanged or share. Face to face education is the best type of education.

In group learning it is not easy for the students to ignore instructor and even if they are not listening to the instructor they can learn something from that group.Answers to the questions of the students are also gained at the time of group discussion.There was an empirical study that was carried out in 1999.Now the question arise Face to face education or online education? People are confuse when they have to choose mode of education but I think that face to face education is best type of education because effectiveness of online education is still unclear and people do not prefer online education.(california state university stanislaus) There are majority of things that can only be learned by face to face education because only face to face education can make practical sense.Such books still make sense half a century after their publication because they give a detailed breakdown of how an individual can effectively pursue wealth and manage his finance.Movies are, however, subject to change in technology.Some people argue that watching is better than reading but such an argument is subject to debate.This paper holds the view that one gains more by reading content than watching.A movie requires the actors to emulate the storyline and behave in a certain manner but human beings are prone to inadequacies and some end up failing to act or behave as expected thus viewers find some movies to be unfulfilling in comparison to the characters vividly described in books.Moreover, books are an eternal source of knowledge.


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