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Here are some examples: Notice in the above examples that quotation marks always have a beginning and end, occurring immediately before the first word of the quotation and immediately after the last word. It is your responsibility as the writer to interpret the information for your reader and identify its significance.

These are known as “block quotes” and should be: In order to evaluate the legitimacy of such explanations it is, thus, necessary to explicate the variety of possible causal pathways connecting genetic replicators and social behaviors.How does this data add to what I am trying to prove in this paragraph? He envisioned a system that would protect and give treatment to these young offenders so that they could become productive adults, and saw no place for criminal responsibility and punishment within this system.Now, here is an example of the ICE method at work in a paragraph: viewed juveniles as children first.Since Chicago referencing offers two ways of citing sources, the exact rules will depend on which version you use.With the footnote and bibliography system, you should indicate citations using superscript numbers (e.g.Using quotes is a great way for readers to “hear” the expert voices talking about your writing topic. Here are some examples of how to introduce a source: After introducing the quote, be sure that you use a signal verb to indicate that the source’s words are next.When quoting, focus on (a) introducing the quote, (b) explaining its relevance, and (c) citing the sources—both in your writing and in formal citations. Introduce the source by giving your reader any information that would be useful to know: Who said it? In the third example above, you can see that "states" has been used to signal the source’s words.It’s a good idea to quote a source directly if your argument depends on the exact wording of what you’re quoting.If you don’t want to quote a source directly, you can paraphrase it instead.If phenotypic variation is the direct object of natural selection, one must understand the underlying relationship between the phenotypic expression and genetic replicators to argue that any such phenotypic trait is, or can be, an adaptation.Quoting from outside sources is an important part of academic writing because it puts you into the scholarly conversation and makes your own ideas and your paper more credible.


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