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You can set up a week schedule this way you can write notes what you want to do for each day.

My biggest concern with Ph D route is that I'll never get the patient care aspect I wanted so much when pursuing medical school and that I'll be in school forever making no money. For those in the field, I was wondering whether a bachelor degree in biochemical engineering is usually accepted for a masters in bioengineering/genetic engineering and whether taking this Ba will make it difficult for me to find a job later on later on in this field.

If it isn't accepted can you recommend other degrees.

You actually like biochemistry and aren't some kind of masochist - well, not more so than the average biochemist is - we can continue. And almost as importantly, GET SOME UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH EXPERIENCE / INTERNSHIP.

The topics of the exam will be: I’m currently a Biochemistry Major, and I would like to know from people who work in the pharmacy industry, what is it like to work as a pharmacologist. It would really help my research I graduate with a degree in biochemistry this fall.

Sorry for my bad English, And thanks for this great community Hello everyone!

I am currently in my third year in undergraduate studies in biochemistry.I want to be research focus, rather than deal with people as pharmacists do. I've gotten a few grad classes in, over a year of research, teaching, and lab tech work.My original plan was to go to medical school but now I'm not so sure I'll ever make it there.(ba degrees in genetic and bioengineering aren't available in my university)Hi guys, Last year I had XX biochemistry and XX biochemistry courses which was obligatory.This year I had to choose two courses which I could dicise bye myself.Biochemistry is a large field of study and expands in many directions.How do I find a research topic that interests me, and one that is relevant?High school, college, going back to school - doesn't matter. I'm not starting from scratch, I studied from my book, but I'd like to see some in depth videos just in case I missed something. If anyone is working in a lab and has participated in a collaboration in any capacity (other lab, industrial partner etc) then please get in touch for more info about a short 15 minute interview. If you've made it this far, then seconds things second. I understand it's tempting to take a summer and "chill" or whatever. If you get multiple internships / years of undergraduate research under your belt - the hardest part is over.Have a schedule Having a schedule is very crucial in spacing and using your time effectively.You want to make sure that you are using your time to its full potential not leaving a minute spear, which will make you complete the project quickly.


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