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It is divided into three parts: lower, middle and upper unconscious.

In the central circle, the field of consciousness: the I is represented by the point in the center; at the top of the higher unconscious there is a star representing the Higher Self, and at the bottom of the lower unconscious another star representing the Lower Self.

Finally, the counselor describes her experience of psychosynthesis as a Christian in the therapeutic setting.

The framework of psychosynthesis psychology and its techniques are viable methodologies for anyone searching to incorporate spiritual growth into a psychological working model.) offered the readers of this journal his personal overview as a psychotherapist of the rich capacity of psychosynthesis to bridge the chasm between psychology and religion—yet his call remains unheeded.

Psychosynthesis psychology was developed by Roberto Assagioli (1888–1974), who was a medical doctor, contemporary of Freud and Jung, and the first psychoanalyst in Italy.

In the 1960s, along with Maslow, he was one of the founders of the emerging field of transpersonal psychology, helping to define essential transpersonal concepts such as peak experiences (Maslow ).

In Psychosynthesis Life Coaching we “see” the emergence of the person's needs as a result of Self-Realization or of the evolutionary development of the Soul and its "will to be” in the process of Self-Actualization.

The Mandala of Psyche - Ovoid: an archetypal symbol representing the universal cosmic principle Hiraṇyagarbha.

Simple and powerful tool for discovering the inner voices and impulses from the various subpersonalities, discovering their needs and transpersonal qualities in order to be able to integrate and strengthen the Self at the service of the Self.

My job is to guide you to feel the courage that is within you to do what you already know how to do: transform your fear into inspired actions, taking care of yourself radically, engaging in conscious and responsible actions so that you can shine your own light and live the life you are destined to live, consciously and satisfactorily.


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