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Most literary agents, for instance, don’t read unsolicited submissions. You could have a manuscript worth millions of dollars, but you’ll need to be in the right circles to know where to place your work.Feel free to write or volunteer at writing events and blogs.

Most literary agents, for instance, don’t read unsolicited submissions. You could have a manuscript worth millions of dollars, but you’ll need to be in the right circles to know where to place your work.Feel free to write or volunteer at writing events and blogs.

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Storywriters and poets can intern with publishers, literary journals and literary agents.

Working as a beta or alpha reader can teach you a lot about the elements of Word Press blogging, poetry or fiction writing.

The rest of this article will focus on the ways internships can improve the writer’s chances of meeting the demands of the job market. By the time Jennifer arrived at the international writing workshop we attended together, she had already learned what mistakes to avoid and what made a good story or essay. Not only did she gain specialized skills in the writing field, but she also acquired transferable skills such as formal and informal communication, teamwork etiquettes, computer proficiency and more.

Every writer knows that on-the-job experience is far more valuable than classroom lessons. This explained why she found it easier to land juicy writing jobs and to win writing contests.

The on-the-job training can also teach you what editors look out for in stories.

Now, let’s get to the top 5 benefits of internships for high school students, undergraduates and everyone who might be trying to make a living from writing. However, you will only get better if you practice all you’ve learned.You’ll learn from accomplishing the tasks you’ll be assigned.You’ll also get a chance to ask questions, grow and excel as a writer.Today, many youngsters work part time or full time at online and offline companies or corporations. In my little corner of the world, internships are more popular amongst undergraduate and post-graduate students, usually in the third and fourth years of the college degree course.There are two types of internships: During my university days, I accepted both paid and unpaid internship positions. What I learned though is that the intern always benefits immensely from assisting the expert. Read Pamelyn Casto’s post to see how she began for free.If like Jennifer, I had enrolled for a high school internship, perhaps I wouldn’t have struggled so much as a print journalist.One key benefit of a writing internship is that it will give you room to discover your strengths and weakness.Sometimes, word of mouth, social media groups and the right social circles are the most common sources of exclusive information.A writing internship will make it easier for you to meet the professionals that matter in the industry.I worked as a journalism intern after I had graduated from the university. I was happy to learn the different aspects of writing and editing news reports, opinion and feature pieces.With time, I gained enough experience to be employed as a full staff of the newspaper firm.


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