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Not many colleges give preference to longer essays but still such exist.As it has already been mentioned, college essays should count up to 650 words maximum. In some educational establishments, they recommend making essays as short as possible due to the fact that admissions officers are overloaded with papers.Do you wonder why you got a bad mark for a long essay?

Finally, landing a plane takes great skill, as does writing a conclusion to a college application essay.

It’s not a simple rehash of the lift off (thesis); it should be complementary to it.

There are no doubts that college admissions experts will be glad to read a well-structured story of 500-600 words.

It is exactly the length that allows both to meet the requirements and to tell why college admissions should consider choosing you among hundreds of other students.

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If you find it difficult to create a strong paper on your own, you can always contact experts and they will guide give you a helping hand.

Every year students ask me the same question: “How long should my Common Application essay be?

” I am never shy about providing them with the response that best summarizes how they need to approach both the Common Application essay and the Common Application in general: “Go Big or Go Home!

So, if you need up to five extra words to finish your brilliant thought, you can do this without any worries. There are two main reasons why you shouldn't write long essays.

They are the following: Not many colleges give preference to longer essays but still such exist.


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