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Students can contact their instructor via email with any questions or concerns at any time.

Live one-on-one online review sessions can also be scheduled to prepare for the graded assessments, which include homework, tests, and a cumulative final exam.

To create this article, 32 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Art of Problem Solving is one of the best sites for studying logical problem solving material that will be in the AMC and many other contests.

The site also allows you to buy books or take classes solely for the purpose of studying for AMC and other contests, although they are somewhat costly.

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I think this is an important question to answer, not the least of reasons being that understanding how to learn is extremely useful both for teaching and learning.They simply figure that AOPS has a lot of successful people that excel at both contests, so why not see what they did?Unfortunately, that’s not how it works – that’s what this post is saying. Students may use any materials - books, calculators, computers - but all the work must be their own.The USAMTS is run on the honor system - it is an individual competition, whose competitive role is very secondary.Students who score well on the USAMTS are invited to take the AIME, the second step in the process of selecting the USA Mathematical Olympiad Team.With permission, USAMTS participant's names and addresses are provided to colleges, universities, and employers for recruitment purposes.The Mathematical Association of America hosts the annual AMC contests for middle and high school students. If you did not qualify for the AIME this year, please come back and try again next year.Its purpose is to spur interest in mathematics and develop talent through the excitement of friendly competition at problem solving in a timed format. The USA(J)MO Contest took place on April 19th and April 20th.Congratulations to all who participated in this year's contest!wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Maybe you are looking to make a 250 USAMO index this year. Whatever your motivation, math contests can be an obsession when you get deeply involved in them, and achieving the highest scores possible becomes a wonderful challenge.


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