Argumentative Essay On Poverty And Education

Argumentative Essay On Poverty And Education-38
It is easier to engage in crime when one is poor; being in lack makes people do the impossible.Some people engage in crime because they fear being poor (George 1020, p. The rich do not want to be poor and the poor do not want to remain poor and so due to the fear of poverty, people engage in crime.These global issue topics for essays and research papers can be used as a starting point to give more insight to others into the issues and how to get involved.

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Nyerere I believe, it is not easy to explain the relation between poverty and education, yet I tried my best.

Today, people are starting to become active participants in the fight against global issues and as a result, progress is being made.

There are other reasons why people commit crimes like greediness, antagonism, jealousy, vengeance, or conceit.

Some individuals choose to commit a crime and cautiously plan their steps beforehand to increase benefits and lessen risks.

However, there are still individuals unaware of pressing issues around them.

One way of bringing these people up-to-date would be through the use of essays or research.

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It is the fact that poverty is both cause and effect of lack of access to education.

Lack of education causes many issues such as: These are some problems faced by the poors, as their common characterstics include - Nutritional deficiency, low standard of living, large size of family, unemployment.“Education is not a way to escape poverty,it is a way to fight it” - J.


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